Certificate Attestation in Gurugram

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Certificate Attestation in Gurugram

The process of obtaining verification from the MEA India and the Embassy is known as certificate attestation. The Attestation Stamp is a declaration that determines a certificate's legality.

Legalising diplomas issued abroad requires Attestation by the Ministry of External Affairs or the relevant Embassy. According to foreign government policy, foreigners seeking employment, school, or business must provide credentials carrying the MEA or embassy attestation stamps.

Each nation has different verification requirements, making visiting or conducting business there more challenging. Documents can be verified through the procedure of certificate attestation. We provide attestation services for birth, death, and marriage certificates through the Indian Ministry of External Affairs in Gurugram.

Alankit is one of the renowned providers of certificate attestation in Gurugram. Our attestation services help us finish procedures much more quickly. Anyone going abroad for business, study, or work needs a certificate.

Types of Certificate Attestation in Gurugram:

  1. Educational Certificate Attestation in Gurugram
    • MEA Attestation (ministry of external affairs)
    • Embassy attestation
    • MOFA Attestation (ministry of foreign affairs)
  2. Non-Educational Certificate Attestation in Gurugram
    • Home department Attestation
    • MEA Attestation (ministry of external affairs)
    • Embassy attestation
    • MOFA Attestation (ministry of external affairs)
  3. Commercial Certificate Attestation in Gurugram
    • Chamber of Commerce attestation
    • MEA Attestation (ministry of external affairs)
    • Embassy attestation
    • MOFA Attestation (ministry of foreign affairs)

Need For Certificate Attestation:

For Employment Purpose

A number of countries need certificate attestation to verify applicants' educational backgrounds when they submit employment applications. It ensures that the certification's credentials are legitimate and the applicants are trustworthy as per requirements.

For Education Purpose

Students who want to pursue higher education abroad must have their degrees recognised for educational purposes to prove the legitimacy of their credentials.

For Immigration Purpose

Certificate attestation is frequently required when a person submits an immigration application to a foreign country. It confirms that the person is competent and that their documents are valid.

Organisations may need to have their official papers validated for business-related reasons to confirm their legality.

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