Personal Document Attestation

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Personal Document Attestation

Personal Document Attestation is the process of attesting Personal Documents related to Individual identification like Marriage, Birth, Aadhaar, Passport copy, Death, Bonafide, Divorce, etc. In addition, it is necessary for visa application support requirements by the authorities and Missions, such as acquiring a long-term residence visa/Spouse Visa/family Visa, etc.

Alankit delivers attestation services for personal documents such as Certificates; birth, marriage, and death certificates; powers of attorney; passports; police checks; and documents from the courts and HMRC or the Home Office. We also take care of corporate documents like certificates of good standing; financial statements attestation; registers of officers' agreements; and constitutional documents, along with apostille services

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All personal and non-personal certificates need to be pre-authenticated by the appropriate home department. Typically, the different states do the Home Department certificate attestation. Following the HD/GAD Attestation, the necessary Embassy Attestation is performed.

We now provide HD/GAD department attestation for the following cities:

S. No. City Name S. No. City Name
1 New Delhi 14 Bhopal
2 Hyderabad 15 Chandigarh
3 Guwahati 16 Panaji
4 Kolkata 17 Kochi
5 Chennai 18 Lucknow
6 Mumbai 19 Thiruvananthapuram
7 Ahmedabad 20 Jaipur
8 Bengaluru 21 Patna
9 Puducherry 22 Bareilly
10 Bhubaneshwar 23 Indore
11 Shimla 24 Vishakhapatnam
12 Manipur 25 Raigarh
13 Agartala    

The list of document attestation offered under Personal documentation are:

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