How to Get Degree Certificate Attestation in India

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Nov 19, 2023 Alankit

What is Degree Certificate Attestation?
Verifying the authenticity of a degree certificate by a government official is known as degree certificate attestation. Obtaining your degree verified by the government authorities and the embassy of the country you've applied to travel to is a must if you intend to travel abroad for any reason, including:

  • Higher Education
  • Employment
  • Migration, or other authorised purpose

Alankit is an authorised partner of the Ministry of External Affairs - Govt. of India, which manages the administrative function of the Attestation/Apostille process for applicants in India and on a global level.

Why Degree Certificate Attestation is essential?

Degree certificate attestation is often required for various purposes, and it involves the verification and authentication of the degree by relevant authorities. Here are some common reasons why a degree certificate attestation may be needed:

Employment Abroad: Many countries and employers require attested degree certificates as part of the visa and work permit application process for foreign employees. It ensures the authenticity of the educational qualifications of the candidate.

Further Education: If you plan to pursue higher studies in a foreign country, the educational institution may request attested copies of your degree certificates to assess your eligibility for admission.

Professional Licensing: Certain professions and regulatory bodies may require degree certificate attestation as part of the process for obtaining professional licenses. This is common in fields such as medicine, engineering, and law.

Migration: When individuals are planning to migrate to another country, authorities in the destination country may ask for attested educational documents to evaluate the credentials of the applicants.

Employment in Government and Private Sectors: Some government and private organizations may ask for attested degree certificates during the recruitment process to verify the educational qualifications of the candidates.

Legal Purposes: Attested degree certificates may be required for various legal purposes, such as changing one's name, obtaining a marriage certificate, or fulfilling other legal requirements.

Process of Degree Certificate Attestation

The process of attestation of degree certificates is complicated and time-consuming, hence it is always suggested to take the support of service providers. Service providers not only make sure that the attestation process is smooth but also completed on time.

In order to certify a degree certificate, the subsequent steps must be followed:

Regional Level

The process of document attestation is initiated with the university that issued the degree certificate. The university will then forward the document to the regional level for authentication.

State Government

After the regional-level attestation, the document will be shared with the State Government to the Department of Education and verified for attestation by the HRD (Human Resource Development Department).

MEA Stamp

After completing the process of state level attestation, the documents will be further shared with the MEA department. The MEA department will issue a stamp of attestation, after which the document will be ready for submission to the further process.

Embassy Attestation

Embassy attestation is done after MEA attestation. It is required for all documents to be used in foreign countries. It is the final stage in the attestation process.

Alankit for Professional Degree Certificate Attestation

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